Georgian Technical University Congratulations on the start of the academic year!



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Dear students,

The educational process will begin at the Georgian Technical University:

September 25 – For the students of Georgian Language study programs, first to four years of Bachelor studies, second year of master’s study, second and third year of Doctoral Studies, also, for all students of additional semesters.

October 2 – For the students in the first semester of master’s and doctoral studies.

The calendar of classroom lectures based on educational programs and study groups is available on the Technical University of Georgia's official website, under the heading "Students” then “Teaching” and then “ACADEMIC CALENDAR" ( The Calendar can also be accessed from the home page of the e-learning platform


During your studies at the university, you have the opportunity to use the following e-services:

  • GTU's email was created on Gmail. Each of you has been given an email address that has been displayed on the Google Workspace platform. You can use a 20GB "cloud drive" (Google Drive), real-time collaboration tools, and other online services in addition to the mail service.
  • - the university system, where you can learn about the educational program, obtain personal information (financial and academic), and more.
  • - is a university platform for online learning where the online resources for the courses offered by the educational program (online presentations, online assignments, online lecture material, etc.) are placed. The heading "Instructions for students" can be found on
  • - is a university exam testing platform. You take exams on this platform in the subjects the calendar specifies.

A standard password and a university email address have been given to you. After your initial authorization, please update your password.

To pass authorization on the platforms,,, you must enter the e-mail address assigned to you by the university in the username field, and your ID number in the password field.

It is the student's responsibility to save the password in the e-mail as well as on the,, and platforms.



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Faculty of Civil Engineering

Dean - Gvishiani Zura
Manager - Gina Gureshidze
I building, Kostava 68
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Faculty of Energy and Telecommunications

Dean - Elene Shatakishvili
Manager - Temur Belia
VIII Building, 75 Kostava Street
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Faculty of Mining and Geology

Dean - Anzor Apshilava
Manager - is Niaz Jikia
III building, 77 Kostava street
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Faculty of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy

Dean - Nugzar Tsereteli
Manager - Guram Mchedlishvili
II building, Kostava 67
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Faculty of Transportation Systems and Mechanics Engineering

Dean - Otar Gelashvili
Manager - Goletiani Gia
I building, Kostava 68
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Faculty of Architecture, Urban Planning and Design

Dean - Nino Imnadze
Manager - Nino Gobejishvili
I building, Kostava 68
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Faculty of Law and International

Dean - Irakli Gabisonia
Manager - Ana Putkaradze
VI building, Kostava 77
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Faculty of Business Technologies

Dean - Rusudan Kutateladze
Manager - Zaza Buachidze
VI building, Kostava 77
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Faculty of Engineering Economics, Media Technologies and Social Sciences

Dean - Vano Jagodnishvili
Manager - Irine Mamaladze
VI building, Kostava 77
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Faculty of Informatics and Control Systems

Dean - Tamar Lominadze
Manager - Otar Shionia
VI building, Kostava 77
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International School of Design

Dean Nino Akhobadze
Manager Nino Akhobadze
VIII Building, 75 Kostava Street
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Faculty of Agrarian Sciences and Biosystems Engineering

Dean Giga Kvartskhava
Manager Kaki Guntsadze
Guramishvili Avenue 17


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Student Insurance

Student insurance is one of the parts of the state's population health insurance policy that benefits students.

According to the state health insurance program, a "student" is defined as: a Georgian citizen who is enrolled in compliance with Georgia’s law "On Higher Education" and the higher education institution's charter and is pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree as well as Georgian language training at an authorized higher education institution; Additionally, a professional student who is a Georgian citizen and is enrolled in the professional higher education program as well as those who are enrolled in the fourth and fifth levels of the vocational education program as specified by Georgia’s law "On Vocational Education".

 Therefore, all students who are Georgian citizens are covered by student insurance. The Technical University of Georgia is uniformly transferring information about enrolled students to the state health insurance program.

Any student may benefit from student insurance according to their needs.

In addition, the student has the option to activate their student insurance at the clinic of their choice after selecting one based on location or a list of their preferred doctors.

With insurance, the student is entitled to the following free medical services: electrocardiogram; emergency 100%, planned 80%, consultation with all specialists; general blood analysis; general analysis of urine; lipid metabolism; creatinine, cholesterol, glucose; stool analysis for occult bleeding; ultrasound of all systems; radiography-radioscopy of all systems; consultation with all specialists; services of a family doctor both on site and on call to the apartment.

Detailed information on medical services can be found here:

How is the student insurance period determined?

Students' insurance periods are based on their respective academic levels.

  • For students of the 4th and 5th levels of the professional educational program and professional higher educational program—36 months.
  • For students of the undergraduate educational program—48 months.
  • For students of the master's educational program, 24 months.
  • For students of the Georgian language training program—12 months.

In what circumstances is the insurance terminated?

  • When the insurance period expires,
  • When the insured person passes away,
  • If a student declines insurance,
  • If the student is an inmate of a prison or detention facility.
  • If the student's status is terminated or suspended, unless the status suspension is linked to pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, or medical conditions, for no more than 1 calendar year.

Will student insurance be maintained if student status is resumed?

For instance, if student status is regained, the insurance period will resume on the first day of the following month, although overall, the insurance validity time cannot exceed the insurance period established for the relevant level of study.

Student cards

 Where and when you can get a student ID card and travel card, often known as a STUDENT CARD?

Students can benefit from a variety of discounts with this card at both state structures and private companies. For instance, when riding a bus or train, accessing the Internet or a phone, buying computer hardware, or in places that offer culture and enjoyment (such as movie theatres, museums, bookstores, etc.). The student ID card is also accepted by businesses that provide catering services, as well as by gyms, health spas, and a variety of other businesses.

  1. When will a student identification card be available?                                                                

As soon as the House of Justice receives a comprehensive list of people who have student status from Georgia's Ministry of Education, Science, Culture, and Sports.

  1. Who is eligible for a student ID card?                                                                                        

A student who is enrolled in undergraduate, master's, doctoral, and Georgian language programs at an accredited university and has an active status is eligible to get a student ID card.

  1. Where can you obtain a student identification card?                                                              

You should submit a request to the House of Justice to get a student ID card.

  1. What factors prevent you from obtaining a student ID card?                                                    

If your student status is suspended or terminated.

  1. Where can you get a student travel card, aka STUDENT CARD?                                             

In any branch of the Bank of Georgia or online on the Bank of Georgia’s website.

  1. What are the requirements for obtaining a bank student card?                                     

Typically, you need an ID and your contact information to receive a card.

  1. When will you be able to get a STUDENT CARD?                                                                                                                     

As soon as you enroll at the university in accordance with the contract, the university will give the Bank of Georgia up-to-date student databases.

Frequently Asked Questions

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